Short Stories

Aunt Adeline’s Bequest” (A Valentine’s Day story)

Draft final 2

When wounded WW1 veteran Jasper walks into Valentine’s sweet shop, he brings a mystery: a box of indiscreet letters received by his recently deceased great-aunt. Jasper has been entrusted with reuniting the letters with their sender, but the only clue he has in the box they’re in—an old chocolate box from Valentine’s family shop. Snowed in together the night before Valentine’s Day, the two men are drawn together as they search for answers.




Violet 1Dreamspinner Press (February 2014)


Philip Collyer vs. the Cola Thief

2x3_thumbnail_150Now available as a standalone!

When someone starts stealing Phil’s lunchtime can of Coke out of the office fridge, he’s determined to track down the culprit trying to spoil his day. With the help of Kester, the cute IT guy, Phil sets out to catch the thief. Can Phil and Kester solve the mystery while evading the wrath of HR? And will Phil be forced to admit there are more important things in life than caffeine?

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Originally published in Closet Capers.

Dreamspinner Press (22nd April 2013)




“Granddad’s Cup of Tea”

Now available as a standalone!

GCOT_2x3_small When quiet widower Ewan stops to offer sympathy to newly bereaved neighbor Alex, it marks the beginning of an unexpected friendship. Now in his sixties, Alex is finally stumbling his way out of the closet, causing a sensation in their small country village. As he supports his new friend and his feelings for Alex grow, Ewan starts to wonder if there’s more to life than being the world’s best granddad, especially when homophobic bullies target one of his granddaughter’s classmates.

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Originally published in Snow on the Roof


Dreamspinner Press (11th February 2013)


“The Clockwork Nightingale’s Song”

TheClockworkNightingaleslSong_smallestIn the automated Vauxhall Floating Gardens, high above the smoggy streets of London, Nightingale No. 48 is refusing to sing. Stern mechanic Shem Holloway brings in the Gardens’ brilliant but arrogant inventor, Lord Marchmont, to fix the broken automaton. But the clockwork nightingale has a secret, and soon both men find themselves questioning whether they should be trying to fix a mechanical heart at all.

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Originally published in Steamed Up, Dreamspinner Press (Autumn 2013)



“Humming a Different Tune”

BookdesignBetiBup33_4164.jpg Sometimes help comes from unexpected places. When their dad is given weeks to live, Neil’s sister Lucy cancels her dream wedding in favour of a quick ceremony before it’s too late. Then a surprise offer of help from a stranger gives Neil a chance to save Lucy’s wedding, bring his family joy in a dark time, and possibly even find love himself.

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Originally published in Random Acts of Kindness, Dreamspinner Press, February 2015.


 “The Dark of the Sun”

Eclipse cover full sizeStruggling with a broken heart and a loss of faith, village priest Tomal is surprised by the arrival of a group of pilgrims from across the empire. They have come to witness an eclipse and Tomal must lead them up the slopes of the Shining Mountain to the shrine where they will be able to observe the eclipse. As they fight altitude sickness, the pilgrims begin to confide in Tomal, and he soon realises he is not the only one for whom love and faith have offered both hope and heartbreak.

This story was originally published in 7&7. It is not a romance.

Originally published in &&7 by DSP Publication.


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