All the Titles I’ve Released Before ;)

I’ve just rereleased two more works from my backlist, so it felt like a good time to sum up everything that I’ve rescued from Dreamspinner’s ashes over the last few months.

First of all, here are Aunt Adeline’s Bequest, a Valentine’s short story set in a sweet shop in post-WW1 Chester, and Lord Heliodor’s Retirement, in which Lord Heliodor, traumatised and forced into early retirement, finds his life isn’t quite as over with as he assumed.

And then here’s the rest, including two non-DSP titles which have been treated to new covers. Click on the covers to find out more 🙂

Book cover: a man looks troubled against a background of dark sky and moorland. Title: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Spindrift final

Frost Final

Holly small

Gaudete smallish





Heaven finalCourt of LightningEclipse cover full size

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