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29 December 2015 (from DSPP Barnes and Noble OmniLit Google Play)

What’s it about:

Overthrowing the Shadow that ruled Tiallat turns out to be only the first step. For rebel leader Iskandir, rebuilding his shattered country is an even greater challenge. A poor harvest, tribal conflict, and years of high taxation and poor governance combine with the challenge of getting both the soldiers of the Shadow’s army home and rehousing the exiles and dispossessed who are flooding back into free Tiallat. Then people begin to get sick.

A thousand years ago, after the Shadow’s first defeat, a Blight fell upon the north: a disease that killed more than the war itself. Now, as this plague returns, Iskandir must look north again, to the newly awakened dragon Halsarr: a learned doctor and professor who wants no part in a new war. Even if Halsarr agrees to come to their aid, Iskandir is afraid of the truth he will expose. For the dragon Halsarr once loved a bold and reckless steppes elemental who later transformed into the lonely and powerful Dual God of Tiallat, the two-faced Lord who has been missing since the Shadow entered Tiallat…

Series: Reawakening #2

Buy:  Out of print. Projected rerelease: Autumn 2020



2016 Rainbow Awards Best Gay Book: 20th Place

2016 Rainbow Awards: Honourable Mention

2016 Rainbow Awards: Best Gay Fantasy: Finalist

First paragraph:

The first Iskandir saw of the knife was the sunlight flashing off the blade. He threw his arm up into its path to block it, more out of instinct than thought, and it spiked through the thin cloth of his kameez. Before it could break the skin, the knife shattered as if it were made of glass rather than polished steel.

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Mini-Halsarr is not impressed by my map-making skills.

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3 Responses to Resistance

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  2. Shelley says:

    Can’t wait,love love love the first one!

    • amyraenbow says:

      Thank you 😀 I’m afraid it’s going to be a bit of a wait, but I’m going to try and put up some drabbles and snippets about Tarn and his fellow dragons in my blog posts.

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