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Meet the Resistance: Durul

And here is another of the main cast of Resistance. Keen-eyed readers of Reawakening will have met him very briefly before. He’s just a simple army surgeon (or so he keeps failing to convince people)… Summer 1021, Esra Valley, Western Tiallat (three … Continue reading

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Rainbow Snippets (26th December)

Happy Boxing Day, everyone. I’m between Christmasses two and three (Christmas Day with my parents and brother, today visiting all the grandparents, and my sister and small nephews on Monday). Handily enough, my quiet day coincides with a Rainbow Snippets … Continue reading

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Meet the resistance: Raif

Those of you who have read Reawakening will have met this family before. By the start of that book, young Raif is a fully fledged freedom fighter, but I wanted to show how he reached that point and how his … Continue reading

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Meet the resistance: Akel and Ela

As Resistance creeps nearer and nearer to its release, I thought it would be a good time to introduce some members of the Tiallatai resistance, the Dark God’s Children, who fought against the Shadow and its followers. Here, to begin, … Continue reading

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Rainbow snippets (19th December)

It’s time for Rainbow Snippets again, so here are six sentences from Resistance, which is out on December 29–ten days from now! This is from early in the book, and is a hint of what is about to come… Looking … Continue reading

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The Week That Got Away (surgery and second editions)

I’m currently feeling very, very lucky. This week could have been the week from hell, and instead, everything is okay (better than okay in some areas). So, let me catch you up. First, I’m delighted that Reawakening is available again! The … Continue reading

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Resistance! (Good news)

“No chance of being kidnapped by pirates now,” Esen said, with a faint note of regret in her voice. Raif pulled himself out of his gloom. “I pity the pirate who tries to capture you.” “Because I’m dangerous?” she asked … Continue reading

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Plague pits and haunted woods (photos)

*waves quickly* I’m still alive here. I’m pushing hard to finish Resistance before I go away at the end of March, which is looking increasingly like an impossible task (I’m less than 70% done). That said, I’ve made good progress over the … Continue reading

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Scything my way to happiness

(Warning: much blithering about my writing process below) So, I finally broke past 60k on Resistance, finishing a scene I’d been stuck on for weeks. I also cleared the last of the crazy workload from my day job and relaxed enough … Continue reading

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Dragons and chocolate (do not normally mix)…

So, Reawakening has been out for over a fortnight now, which is wonderful (I’m still struggling to believe I’m a “proper” author now). And suddenly I have another release to write about. I have a Valentine’s story, Aunt Adeline’s Bequest, coming out … Continue reading

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