In Heaven and Earth

Heaven finalA Goodreads M/M Romance Group Love is an Open Road Story
12th July 2015

When the crew of the Medical Explorer Juniper arrive at the space city of Caelestia, they are horrified to find it floating airless in space with thousands of its people dead. The only survivor is a cyborg gardener, Vairya, who has been left amnesiac and terrified, barely able to choke out a few words: “It could happen again.”
As ex-military doctor Reuben Cooper explores the illusory rose garden of Vairya’s memory, where Vairya himself flirts and hides among the flowers, he discovers a terrible threat, not just to the crew of the Juniper but to all humanity.
Can four doctors and a cyborg fight a merciless enemy that can kill with a touch?

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First paragraphs:

They found the cyborg frozen in the heart of the city, his face turned towards the uncaring stars. He looked more statue than flesh and steel, poised in midstep, but even from the end of the street, Reuben could see the glimmer of light in his eyes that meant he had not been deactivated.

All around them, the bodies of the fallen swayed and drifted in the streets, barely tethered to the station by the remnants of the platform’s gravity. Many of the city’s lights still shone over the airless streets, illuminating the bluish tone of the bodies’ skin, the frost that surrounded their mouths and eyes, and the frozen blood on their lips.

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