Spindrift final

Siôn Ruston has fled to Rosewick Bay to recover from a breakdown which led him to attempt suicide. He needs the peace and tranquility of this lovely North Yorkshire seaside village to recover, but instead he is awoken by the ghost that walks across his bedroom at dawn. Seeking answers, Siôn finds Mattie, the ghost’s descendant, working in the local museum (not to mention his other jobs in the local pub, at the ice cream stand, and on the local lifeboat crew).Mattie is everything Siôn isn’t—young, bold, and confident—but as they work together to discover the secret history of Rosewick Bay, Siôn falls for him anyway. But the ghosts which stalk the village are far from friendly, and soon Siôn and Mattie realise that not just their chance of love but their very lives are at stake.

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First paragraph:

Siôn dreamed he went back to the bridge again, stepping out along the pedestrian walkway with his camera banging against his chest where it hung uselessly. The fog was just as deep as it had been on that day in March, wrapping around him like a bag around his head. It muffled his steps and made even the occasional rumble of passing lorries sound far, far away. It closed behind him, hiding the north bank and the river below. As he walked he became convinced that he would never reach the far end, that he would walk forever through this damp grey shadow of a world.

Gradually, just like the first time, his steps slowed until he just stood where he was. A bleak quiet conviction settled over him.

He was completely alone in the world.

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What’s It About

When artist Siôn goes to stay in the coastal village of Rosewick Bay, he’s hoping for a few quiet months to recover from his recent breakdown. He isn’t expecting the drowned man who shows up in his bedroom at dawn, or the ghost’s great-great-grandson, Mattie. As Siôn and Mattie try to find out the true story behind the haunting, Siôn is drawn to flirty, confident Mattie. He must overcome his own doubts and shame to have a chance with Mattie.

But the ghosts of Rosewick have secrets of their own, and so does Mattie…