The Court of Lightning

  • Court of LightningPart of the Goodreads M/M Romance Group’s Love’s Landscapes Event
  • July 15th 2014

A great blight has fallen upon the ancient Court of Water, turning its knights’ souls to ice and driving them to conquer the lands around them. As eternal winter creeps over the Seven Courts, only the Court of the Wind still stands free. From the summer headlands, their Shadowflight fly forth, crossing the ocean on wings of wood and magic to bring aid to the frozen lands beyond.

Foremost among their number is Tirellian, the last Paladin of the frozen Court of Lightning, forever exiled from the land of his birth. Tirellian’s most loyal friend is Arashan, the master artificer who invented the Shadowflight’s wings, who has secretly loved Tirellian for years. When a new crisis forces Arashan to accompany Tirellian on his next mission, they face danger, cold magic, and an icy world of secrets.

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First paragraph:

Shan stood by the old Coast Guard station above Porthlevin and watched the last paladin of the Court of Lightning come flying back from the occupied territories.

Tirellian had, not for the first time, extended his mission to the last possible moment. The sky behind him was already dark, and the setting sun shone on his outstretched wings, making the glossy spellsilk gleam with all the colours of sunset— golden, red and violet. Then Tirellian banked in to land on the platform in the shadow of the station, and all the colour faded from his wings, until they seemed grey beneath the midnight fall of his braided hair.

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