Stories of 15000-60000 words.

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The Court of Lightning

The Court of Lightning

A land locked in eternal winter, an exiled paladin, and an artificer whose greatest invention is also the last hope of a forsaken land: frail wooden wings which allow the last free men in the seven courts to soar over the ocean…

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A cathedral, a Christmas Market, and a second chance at love…

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The Ghost of Mistletoe Lock


Two lonely men, a snowy night, and a ghost who believes in love…

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The Lodestar of Ys


Sjurd thinks Celyn’s an irritating brat. Celyn thinks Sjurd’s a violent oaf. Thank goodness these mismatched princes don’t have to marry each other, even to save their kingdoms from an implacable enemy.

Oh, wait…

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Emyr’s Smile


Prequel to The Lodestar of Ys

Happy-go-lucky artist Heilyn is touring the floating islands of Ys. He’ll be moving before long, just as soon as he’s found a way to make local merchant Emyr smile…

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