Emyr’s Smile

Emyr_mediumDecember 25th 2013

Life is easy for young artist Heilyn, as he travels between the floating islands of Ys with nothing more urgent to worry about than what to paint next. Then he meets sad, serious Emyr and forms a new ambition. Before he leaves for the next island, Heilyn’s going to make Emyr smile.

But will a smile be enough? If he wants more, Heilyn will have to choose between his wandering ways and the man he’s coming to love.

A prequel to The Lodestar of Ys.

Series: The Stories of Ys #0.5

Download link: Smashwords (free read) Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk

First paragraph:

HEILYN HAD just loaded up his brush with the most perfect shade of blue he’d ever mixed when he heard a very polite voice say, “I think you ought to know this field usually contains an awfully bad-tempered bull.”

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