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Rainbow Snippets (20th February)

This week, for the Rainbow Snippets group, here are six sentences from my current WIP, Recovery, in which Raif learns why you should cover your ears when the nixies start to sing… Raif moved, walking back across the bridge and into … Continue reading

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Meet the Resistance: Durul

And here is another of the main cast of Resistance. Keen-eyed readers of Reawakening will have met him very briefly before. He’s just a simple army surgeon (or so he keeps failing to convince people)… Summer 1021, Esra Valley, Western Tiallat (three … Continue reading

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Meet the resistance: Akel and Ela

As Resistance creeps nearer and nearer to its release, I thought it would be a good time to introduce some members of the Tiallatai resistance, the Dark God’s Children, who fought against the Shadow and its followers. Here, to begin, … Continue reading

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The Week That Got Away (surgery and second editions)

I’m currently feeling very, very lucky. This week could have been the week from hell, and instead, everything is okay (better than okay in some areas). So, let me catch you up. First, I’m delighted that Reawakening is available again! The … Continue reading

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Up the Downs again (and a peek at my current WIP)

It’s been a busy week, with the release of the Random Acts of Kindness anthology on Monday, and the usual mountain of accumulated chores which fill up any week off. I did manage to head down to East Sussex on … Continue reading

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To the Temple of the Winds… (also stories about kindness and another dragon snippet)

And here we are, almost a month into 2015, and I actually have a new release to get excited about (what’s that, Amy? Something new? From you? Are you feeling all right?). I have a bittersweet little contemporary story in … Continue reading

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More dragons and a chilly morning in Guildford

I did most of my Christmas shopping on Friday morning. Inevitably, I got bored of the crowds after a while and took half an hour off to sit down somewhere quiet with a late breakfast croissant. I’d made the trip … Continue reading

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