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Rainbow Snippets duck the question

For this week’s Rainbow Snippets, a little more Spindrift. Here Mattie is wondering why two ghosts have attached themselves to Siôn. Eight sentences, I’m afraid, because it didn’t make sense without the lead in *hangs head in shame* TW: passing mention … Continue reading

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Rainbow Snippets gets haunted

Posting very late this week (sorry), but here are six more sentences from Spindrift, which is out on August 12th. Matthew Jopling is one of the ghosts haunting the village. Matthew Jopling was staring at him from the shadows, his expression … Continue reading

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Rainbow Snippets navigates an age gap

Getting back into the swing of things now the summer holidays have started, here’s a snippet from my upcoming ghost story, Spindrift, which is coming out on August 12th (that snuck up fast!). Here Siôn and Mattie talk romantic history (Mattie … Continue reading

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Rainbow Snippets 12-13 December: The Sea Has Many Voices

A little glimpse at my now finished Nanowrimo 2015 novel this week. In accordance with the rules of Rainbow Snippets, here are six sentences (if news of this Facebook group hasn’t reached you yet, do follow the link, because it’s … Continue reading

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Why, yes, I am still alive…

Apologies for the long silence. November is my second busiest work month, and adding all the catch-up after my week off and trying to do Nanowrimo has kept me buried. Huge apologies to anyone waiting for the newsletter–it will be … Continue reading

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