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Brexit (according to Year Nine)

The Brexit vote has suddenly transformed by unruly Year Nine (Eighth Grade) class into ardent (and furious) politicos (main topic: how come they let people over sixty vote when it’s not going to be their problem cause they’re going to … Continue reading

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Ironbridge Gorge: Tiles, China and Tar

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my trip to Ironbridge and its pivotal role in the Industrial Revolution. This is a rather belated follow up post about the later industrial history of the Ironbridge Gorge. Although the initial industry … Continue reading

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Rainbow Snippets hits rough waters

After spending my week off the day job doing nothing but writing, I have now finished Raif  and Arden’s story, Recovery. I started pulling ideas together for this one in April 2013, and until about a week about was secretly convinced … Continue reading

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