Rainbow Snippets (16th-17th January)

Another week, another six sentences for the amazing Rainbow snippets group on Facebook. If you’re not following this, do go and have a look, because loads of authors from eveyr corner of our genre are joining in to share six sentences a week

Mine this week is again from A Frost of Cares, my ghost story which comes out on the 27th. Here’s Luke on the subject of ghosts…

The question was whether the enemy was the Ghost of Eelmoor Hall (unlikely) or whether it was my own subconscious finally falling over that last edge (probable). It didn’t help that I kept hearing that slow creak-creak of steps outside the door, or that it stopped dead every time I noticed and tried to focus on it. I knew it was just the natural noises of an old house on a cold, damp day, and that all ghost stories rose out of the power of the human imagination and our minds’ inclination to create a story out of random incidents.

Every time I got lost in my own thoughts, however, the automatic lights eventually clicked off, and I knew that I was not alone.

Why was I so certain?

I could hear her breathing.


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22 Responses to Rainbow Snippets (16th-17th January)

  1. Louise Lyons says:

    I love a good ghost story and this sounds great and creepy.

  2. Rian Durant says:

    Yay! Ghost story! What happens next? *bites nails*

  3. Very creepy. I love ghost stories too and this one definitely has my interest piqued

  4. jlmerrow says:

    Ooh, I like it! Intriguing. 🙂

  5. Jana Denardo says:

    Love ghost stories. This really caught my attention.

  6. P.T. Wyant says:

    Oooh! Last line nailed it!

  7. Great atmosphere and scene-building,

  8. Layla Dorine says:

    wonderful tension and overall creepyness. ghost stories are so much fun.

    • amyraenbow says:

      Thank you. Ghost stories are really satisfying to write: they’re a perfect balance of emotion and atmosphere, and you can mirror plots and themes all over the place.

  9. Oh, wow! I haven’t read a good ghost story in ages, but you’ve got my attention and then some with this. I had to laugh at this: “or whether it was my own subconscious finally falling over that last edge (probable).”

    • amyraenbow says:

      I had a lot of fun with Luke’s voice in this. He’s quite tough on himself. This was my first full-length piece in first person and my first proper ghost story and I fell in love with both. I adore a good eerie ghost story and they’re such fun to write.

  10. clarelondon says:

    Very creepy, in the best kind of way 🙂

  11. OH, that last line is fantastic! Must have more. 🙂

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