Rainbow Snippets 2nd January 2015

Happy New Year and welcome to a new Rainbow Snippets post. If you’ve missed it, this is a lovely Facebook group which encourages writers to post six sentences from a current or past work every weekend.

This week will be my last snippet from my new release, Resistance. Here is Iskandir’s first reunion with the lover he hasn’t seen for a thousand years…

All the hair on the back of his neck lifted at once, and his heart trembled. He wasn’t alone.

Every candle in the room suddenly blazed into light, flames flaring up in bright pillars.

Iskandir,” Hal said, his voice taut with irritation, and held out his hand.

He could not resist. Shaking, Iskandir took two steps forward and fell into the dragon’s embrace.


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©Amy Rae Durreson 2015
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19 Responses to Rainbow Snippets 2nd January 2015

  1. A lover he hadn’t seen in a thousand years–now that’s romantic! Love it.

    • amyraenbow says:

      Thanks. A lot of the romantic subplot is about how they deal with that separation. Hals’ been in an enchanted sleep, but Iskandir has lived those years and been changed by them, and it complicates things hugely.

  2. Louise Lyons says:

    Oh, intriguing! The hair stood up on my neck too.

  3. Layla Dorine says:

    A thousand years, wow, they have a lot of things to discuss then, don’t they, especially if one of them lived it all.

  4. P.T. Wyant says:

    Love this! I want to know the back story. And why Hal sounded so irritated. (Interesting name for a dragon.)

    • amyraenbow says:

      *chuckles* It’s short for Halsarr, which itself is short for his ceremonial name, the Keeper of the Hoard of Hal Sarrath (or, as Hal likes to call it, “foolish mortal pomposity.”). He’s annoyed because Iskandir saw him coming, panicked, and slithered off to find a great many very urgent things to do elsewhere. These two were great fun to write.

  5. Jana Denardo says:

    This one snagged my attention immediately

  6. I love this scene! Need more please. 🙂

  7. clarelondon says:

    very tantalising 🙂

  8. Elin Gregory says:

    A thousand years! I bet thatI’ll be a big reunion. 🙂

  9. Very interesting… I’m intrigued by lover, irritation, embrace, and dragon all in the same short scenario. For some reason, I’m caught up by the irritation and wanting to see if it’s because he took too long to react or if it’s something more. Nicely done.

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