Dragon Wars Drabble (Tarnamell, Sharnyn, Killan)

I’m trying to get back into the habit of posting more regularly, so have another little snippet from the first war against the Shadow. This is from very early in the war, before the dragons and demons have reached the agreement to only fight in their human forms. Again, exactly 200 words.

20 years before the Fall of Eyr

Tarnamell remembered the slow birth of the mountain millennia ago, how the land folded higher every winter. The forests had spread across it, snow melt and rivers had carved its slopes. Now their battle had broken it into pale, jagged rubble.

To the east, terrible things circled on dark, ragged wings, demon lords aloft. Only one dragon still rode the winds above their township: green-winged Sharnyn, keening softly.

“I found you!” A stern young voice said, as his page tugged at his sleeve. “Everybody’s looking.”

“I’m right here,” Tarnamell said and ruffled Killan’s hair.

Killan shook him off with all the dignity of his ten years and demanded, “Is he crying?”



How could he explain this grief to someone so new to the world? “He loved the mountain and the people who lived on it.”

“Oh.” Killan shivered. “You should go and get him down now.”

“He needs to be alone. I’m keeping watch.”

Killan gave him a sceptical look, but just crossed his arms and looked up too. Tarnamell couldn’t tell if the boy was imitating his stance on purpose.

He took Killan’s point nonetheless and soared up to coax his grieving brother back to earth.

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