Christmas Starts Today…

It’s December (seriously, where did the year go?) which means that suddenly my mind is turning towards all things festive. Nanowrimo is done, as of lunchtime yesterday, and today my Christmas release is out. This one is part of the Dreamspinner Advent Calendar package, but you can buy it individually as well. It’s just a little novella about a cathedral, a Christmas market, and a reunion between two old friends. I’m looking forward to reading all the seasonal stories this month.


Every Christmas, child chorister Jonah Lennox used to meet Callum Noakes at Aylminster cathedral when Callum’s mother came to sell roasted chestnuts at the market. After years of friendship, an argument separates them, apparently forever. Putting away the memories of his lost friend, Jonah left the cathedral and moved on with his life.

When Jonah returns to the cathedral after ten years away, the market in the cathedral brings back memories—and Callum, who has made a life for himself as a woodturner. Upon meeting again, attraction pulls them together, and the holiday may inspire their old friendship to mature into new romance.

You can read the first chapter here (just click on the excerpt link)

I’ll be posting more about carols, choristers and Christmas markets as the month goes on. I’m sorry, December 1st seems a bit early to go properly Christingly. That said, I am one of those Christmas people (heh heh heh). I just try to keep it under control until mid-December. If there’s anything seasonal you’d like to read about, do let me know ^_^

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