Emyr’s Smile (a Lodestar of Ys bonus story)

Gosh, summer disappeared fast, didn’t it? We’ve had misty mornings and rain this week, and my central heating is back on (as is my spare freezer, which is steadily filling up with apples and blackberries). As a little final flourish, though, have a treat. Towards the end of the run-up towards the release of The Lodestar of Ys, I started writing a little side story to thank my regular commenters. It grew a little in the telling, this being me, and is now just over half the length of the main story.

I’m posting it here too, again as a thank you. I’ve had so many lovely comments, reviews and ratings for Lodestar, and this is to show my appreciation. It’s lighter and sweeter than the original, but I hope you enjoy Heilyn and Emyr’s story.

Emyr’s Smile

Heilyn’s living a free and easy life, travelling from island to island on the floating ships of Ys. Why settle down in one place when you could be painting the whole world? Then an unfortunate encounter with an angry bull introduces him to Emyr, a sad-eyed merchant living on the quiet island of Sirig. Heilyn decides that he’s going to make Emyr smile before he leaves Sirig. But will a simple smile be enough for either man?

Read it here…

I’m hoping to make a download available later in the autumn, but that’s a whole new skill set for me, so it may take a few weeks.

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