A New Free Story to celebrate summer finally arriving ;)

Ah, the hottest day of the year so far, no urgent deadlines approaching, and a British player winning Wimbledon. I have wine and strawberries and all the windows open, and haven’t felt so relaxed in months. ^___^

I even picked up pen and paper while I was watching the Wimbledon Final earlier and wrote a quick little piece of English summertime. I finished A Day For Miracles a little way into the third set and then had to put my pen down to clap my hands over my mouth and hope a lot. I was rather worried that not only would poor Jason and Ian not get a happy ending after all if Murray lost, but that I’d jinxed the whole thing by letting Jason get his hopes up 😉

I’m in a little bit of a limbo writing wise. I’m waiting to hear back about Reawakening and the piece I submitted for the DSP Steampunk Anthology (which has the best cover art ever). My Love Has No Boundaries story will be up soon, but I’m not sure when, and it may well be when I’m away. I nearly burned out on the steampunk piece, so realistically I’m not going to get a decent Christmas story turned around before the 1st August, which is the DSP deadline this year, especially as I’m away from the 12th to the 22nd July (UK Meet plus coming home the pretty way). It feels a little unprofessional not to try, but mismanaging my workload to the point where I can’t cope with life isn’t very professional either, so there it is. 

I’ve decided to work on a mid-length piece until I hear about Reawakening, but haven’t picked which yet (probably the really bittersweet 1950s timeslip romance, but I might wimp out yet). For this week, when I’m tired, I may focus on short freebies to give myself a break.

Hope you enjoy the story (it’s PG-rated, so the faint-hearted can follow the link safely).

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