Closet Capers out tomorrow!

I’ve got a new story coming out tomorrow, in Dreamspinner’s Closet Capers anthology, a collection of light-hearted mysteries. It looks like it’s going to be a really fun book, with the emphasis on romance as much as intrigue. The picture will take you through to the Dreamspinner’s site to read some of the blurbs.



My own contribution ‘Philip Collyer vs. the Cola Thief’ is a light office romance. Phil, like his author, is a bit of a caffeine fiend, and when someone starts stealing his lunchtime can of cola out of the office fridge, this normally easy-going manager is determined to find and stop the culprit. With the help of his crush, Kester the cute IT guy, Phil sets out to catch a thief…

I’m one of those people who chain-drinks tea at work and swills cola (whichever brand is on offer as I go through it too fast to be fussy) when I’m writing. When I was thinking about ideas for this one, I cast my mind back to my office drone days, and tried to think of the most irritating thing I could possibly imagine. This one topped the list. To be honest, if anyone messed with my caffeine supply, I wouldn’t be anywhere near as nice about it as Phil is. I also probably wouldn’t be quite as creative, though Phil’s increasingly creative approaches have nothing on some folks on the internet (some of these made me chuckle, and there are many, many similar posts out there. Pretty much that anything involving actual poison or excrement is illegal, though, folks, tempting as it might be).

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